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IoT Analytics Predictive Analytics powered by fusing data from disparate Sensors


Data is continuously collected from the various sensors and the time series data is analyzed for anomalies, trends to give prescriptive insights for optimal throughput, usage, maintenance etc.
Gyrus has partnered with hardware vendors for platforms with vibration, temperature, humidity, and inertial sensors.

Predictive Maintenance

  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Valve Functioning

Operator Insights

  • Optimal Settings
  • Raw Material Usage
  • Lubrication, etc..


  • Throughput Optimization
  • Equipment Usage
  • Emission Control

Security Collection

Device Security and Data Collection

Security is key for deploying different IoT nodes. In order to prevent vulnerabilities in the end nodes, the nodes. One Tunnel Security™ is employed with the end nodes controlled only by the controller’s one session. The end nodes are protected with Root of Trust and trusted keys. The ML algorithms are performed either on-premises or in cloud.

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