Neural network designs are pushing compute
requirements to new heights.

Every application today needs artificial intelligence.

AI computation needs tremendous amount of compute but these applications need ultra low latency and low power.

The Gyrus AI platform is optimized for key edge computing applications.

  • Privacy, as data can be analyzed on device instead of on the cloud

  • Low transmission of data leads to cost and energy savings

  • High quality video analytics (4K etc.) leads to better and more distant object detection

  • Drones can fly longer and robots perform longer

  • Untethered security cameras last longer between re-charge cycles

  • IoT devices and Wearables are smaller, lighter and last longer
  • Applications

    smaple image


    For automotive to be really autonomous and safe, they need to make a decision sooner than later. The vision system needs to support 4K resolution at low latency and low power. The Roverio CortiOne processor natively supports running inference at 4K resolution at 60fps consuming 5W of power.

    smaple image


    Industrial and at home robots need to consume low power to be able to run longer on a battery. The Roverio CortiOne processor supports multiple performance and power requirements for these different types of robots.

    smaple image


    Home automation and security devices need low power and privacy, thereby needing on-device computation. The Roverio CortiOne processor is small and low power to fit the needsof all home automation IoT devices.