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AI/ML for Smart Retail

Offline stores need to adapt smart retail technology solutions to understand customer behaviour & compete with online stores. Gyrus AI leverages Artificial intelligence, Advanced Computer Vision, and Machine Learning techniques to presents a solution that helps brick & mortar retailers to understand their customers’ buying patterns & behaviour. Gyrus presents a solution that addresses this requirement by fusing information from Camera, Point of Sale (POS), and Customer Location (LOC) to enable Smart Retail Stores. The solution enables retailers to understand their customer's in-store journey, improve store performance, ensure customer satisfaction, and achieve a competitive edge over online stores. The customized analytics engine can provide real-time alerts and advanced insights on customers. Gyrus smart retail solutions keep customer and employee information private by not transmitting any data over a network.

How It Works

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AI/ML Smart Retail Workflow

Gyrus AI leverages expertise in AI & ML to develop customized models for digital transformation of offline retail stores and to enable smart retails stores. Gyrus smart retail solutions can use multiple information sources from inside & around stores such as Video Cameras, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Enabled devices, Guest Wi-Fi Connected Devices, Employee Schedules, Promotional Calendars, In-store Kiosk devices to create a comprehensive portrait of customers. The Gyrus Smart retail analytics engine arranges the data from all sources as it is collected and provide the advanced insight sin customizable dashboards and reports. The real-time data and alerts can be used to understand customers behaviour and improve store performance. A mesh of Cameras everywhere is expensive, very intrusive and might thwart some customers. Even more, intelligently fusing the Wi-Fi sensing, POS systems with Cameras just at the entrance and exits, intelligence can be brought to offline stores at par with the online stores.

Our Solutions

Customer Intelligence using Video Analytics

Gyrus AI/ML engine, with its advanced vision algorithm, can provide a lot of insights about the store such as Object detection, face recognition, sentiment analysis, demographic classification, etc. Stores can have cameras at the entrance and exit or can be in every aisle. Cameras in every aisle provide deep insights and very granular information, including sentiment analysis. Demographics, emotions, and movement data collected can be transformed to establish revenue modifiers and campaigning prospects.

Customer Activity using Location Analysis

Gyrus Smart Retail engine can make use of data generated from point of sales, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth enabled devices, UWB to follow shoppers from the entrance to exit. Tools like Heat maps, Customer Paths, Shelf Analytics, and Eye Tracking fuel can help understand the Time Spent in Store, Traffic per Aisle, Promotional area traffic, and Purchase Vs Time Spent. The location analytics can help understand the popular traffic areas inside stores and what displays or promotions hold customers’ attention.

Forecasting & Inventory Management

Gyrus AI/ML engines use data from various sources such as point-of-sale transactions, cameras, and sensors to ensure the right products are available in the right store at the right time. The forecasting & inventory management models can be implemented on a live feed from the surveillance cameras and results can be integrated with PoS for real-time alerts/updates on the stock. This will reduce the time employees spend on tasks that aren’t customer-facing, such as performing inventory counts or scanning for out-of-stock situations.

Safety, Security & Surveillance

Gyrus AI/ML models can be used for any kind of anomaly detection such as Violence, Burglary, shoplifting, suspicious behavior, staff-related loss prevention , detect camera blocking and tampering, detecting unattended objects including those block emergency exits, and other key transit areas. Facial recognition, suspicious behaviour, and unusual activity are analysed to mitigate shelf-sweep events, set thresholds, and react intuitively.

Productivity and Operational Efficiency

AI/ ML models can help identify any loopholes in the workflow and generate correlated solutions to optimize store operation. The AI engine can provide real-time alerts on the cleanliness of the shop floor, queue length alerts, congestion alerts, staff efficiency, profit matrix, inventory service levels, and consumption patterns. The data can be used to reduce the time employees spend on tasks that aren’t customer-facing and increase the employees' work efficiency. The local weather forecasts and seasonal trends can help plan the store operations more effectively and efficiently.

Integrated business performance

The smart retail analytical engine can generate customized analytical reports across various stores, sites, departments, and zones anytime you need. The comprehensive dashboard access lets store owner craft their visual guide for fast, responsive, and robust decision-making. One dashboard across all platforms and devices keeps things simple. Reports can be customized to see as much or as little information as you want when you want. Dashboards can be easily personalized and can get updates whenever and wherever, on the phone, tablet, or desktop.

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