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Three Essential Features of Enterprise AI


Enterprise AI refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and models within large-scale business environments to enhance decision-making, automate processes, and drive innovation. Making AI models enterprise-ready involves addressing various requirements to ensure scalability, reliability, security, and compatibility with existing infrastructure. Canned AI models do not work. Frictionless Integration of models into the current process is key. So, we will be discussing three essential traits of an AI model that make it enterprise-ready.

At Gyrus, we recognize that not all AI models are created equal. The key lies in frictionless integration into existing processes, making AI solutions truly enterprise-ready. Let’s delve into the three essential traits of enterprise-ready AI models that set our AI models apart.

Three main essentials of enterprise AI
Represents the key features that are required in a large-scale business model, i.e., differential Privacy, bias checks, and explainable AI


In the dynamic landscape of Enterprise AI, transparency stands as a non-negotiable cornerstone. The essence of Enterprise AI lies in its ability to provide robust audit trails, explaining the reasons for a certain decision taken; hence, explaining the ability of the models is of paramount importance. This can be a trade-off between having a complex deep-learning model viz-a-viz a shallower model. It is known that most deep learning models are black boxes, which use accuracy as a metric to defend and are not explainable. These models are not fit for Financial, Healthcare, or other applications.

Gyrus AI models go beyond traditional deep-learning complexity, offering a unique blend of accuracy and explain ability. Gyrus offers complementary ability models that shed light on the intricate workings of multi-layer models, ensuring transparency every step of the way.

Decision making using multiple inputs
Explains how the explain ability layer helps in reasoning the decision taken.


Addressing bias is a critical aspect of any ML/AI algorithm. The pitfalls of neglecting this crucial check have been evident in the notorious missteps of major companies, especially in HR practices and image recognition.

At Gyrus, we recognize that bias doesn’t merely emerge during algorithmic processing; it often originates with human bias in the initial curation of datasets. We take a proactive approach, understanding that combating bias starts at the very foundation—the dataset level. Our pioneering orthogonal bias checks are meticulously crafted to identify and eliminate potential biases, reinforcing our commitment to developing AI models that go beyond accuracy and setting a new benchmark for ethical and unbiased AI standards.

Bias checks that are defined by ML/AI models
Defines the different steps involved in bias checks that use ML/AI models to make sure every decision is unbiased in nature before deploying the final model.


In an era where data is a valuable asset, safeguarding it against potential leaks is paramount for businesses, especially concerning proprietary and sensitive information. ML/AI models, if not properly configured, have the potential to inadvertently leak data used in their training process. Poorly generalized AI models can unintentionally expose unique test case inputs and outputs, posing a significant risk to confidential data such as pricing information bound by non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Gyrus recognizes the severity of these risks and places a strong emphasis on data protection. Implementing rigorous measures, we employ robust differential privacy checks to fortify our AI models. These checks ensure that sensitive data remains secure, shielding businesses from inadvertent exposure. At Gyrus, we are committed to providing not only technologically advanced solutions but also prioritizing the robust protection of our clients’ data through cutting-edge differential privacy practices.

Differential privacy module
Represents the different steps involved in privacy module that prevents any leak in the training data


In the world of ML/AI, many algorithms focus mainly on being accurate, which is great for academics and papers. However, when it comes to real-world business goals, things change. Businesses often prioritize having ‘0’ false positives over just high accuracy. This means a different approach is needed for these specific goals, shifting the focus to precision and minimizing errors.

At Gyrus, we understand that business objectives extend beyond mere accuracy. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of industries, with a commitment to achieving ‘0’ false positives without compromising accuracy. Our AI models are designed to augment human intelligence, enhancing tasks that require a human touch rather than replacing them. Specializing in ready-to-deploy neural network models for video processing across industries, Gyrus ensures that each model undergoes rigorous testing. Proprietary ability models, bias checks, and differential privacy enhancements make our AI solutions truly enterprise-ready. Experience the future of AI with Gyrus – where innovation meets reliability.

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